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The Simpsons is predicting bitcoin, so will the chain predict the future again?

The Simpsons is the longest running TV series in history and one of the most popular animations in the world. But it has another reputation: it is able to predict various important events.

Some believe that the series predicted that Trump would become president of the United States and that FOX would one day buy it Disney, among many other things.

But could the chain also be able to guess the price of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency?

In episode 18 of season 32 titled “Burguer Kings”, It brought an interesting quick visual joke Bitcoin Prediction: The price of the currency will be “infinite”.

During the episode, where a plot of land involves Marge buying shares in a new restaurant chain and learning how to deal with price fluctuations.

During one scene, Marge, the mothers of the Simpsons, watches a commercial called “Crazy Cash” where a man (prisoner) offers investment advice.

In Al Mashhad you can see the price list:

In the price list we see Bitcoin ∞, That is, the Bitcoin price is infinitely positive, indicating that it has grown forever.

Of course, that’s an impossible (maybe?) Prediction for the cryptocurrency, but it might indicate that writers believe in Bitcoin’s potential to continue growing.

Check out the scene:

Several jokes in a few seconds

The short clip contains a series of jokes that can be defeated at first sight. The first is the obvious joke with influencers and investment advisors, as the Crazy Cash host is under arrest. Additionally, Pearl sends to investors:

“Buy, buy, buy, then when you hear rumors of a problem, sell before anyone else!”

The prices also hide some other jokes, referring to Status from GameStop, With the emergence of company shares (GME) listed on $ 1 trillion Seconds later $ 2 trillion.

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Another “joke” regarding stock prices is the value of Tesla, she says “If you have to ask, it’s because you can’t buy.”

Finally, another joke worth focusing on is the supposed value of US stocks. It is stated that the value is worth – 1/4.

This is a joke with many meanings, the most obvious of which is the fact that the price is at a fraction and not in decimal numbers, which makes a mockery of how the United States uses the imperial standard for shots.

However, others saw a deeper hint. The United States recently started printing a large amount of money, only printing about 25% of the total supply in 2020. 25% is 1/4 of 100, which means that the US currency was 25% less to print a lot of cash.

“I loved how the USA was 1/4 negative because it printed 25% of its money last year, so it’s worth 25% less.”

Obviously, the whole thing is just a joke of the episode and is unlikely to have any real effect on the Bitcoin network or the coin’s price, but it is interesting to see the coin in such an important work for pop culture.

Remember that Recently, the animated chain has also made it clear what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are.