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Carlos Cruz pulls gallons, dumps Daniel Oliveira and justifies the failure of ‘Traidores’ with Daniela Roah – El Nacional

Carlos Cruz pulls gallons, dumps Daniel Oliveira and justifies the failure of ‘Traidores’ with Daniela Roah – El Nacional

“Os Traidores” was a bet made by Daniel Oliveira with pomp and circumstance Sunday night on SIC, with Daniela Rua leading as the original. However, the program did not convince the Portuguese, As evidenced by the consecutive defeats of “O Triângulo” from TVI and “The Voice Kids” from RTP 1.

Carlos Cruz tapped into his history at Tal & Qual to analyze this scenario, Leave ripping praise for the presenter and productionexplaining the factors that, in his opinion, contribute to the more modest numbers in terms of audiences in relation to this format, which originated in the Netherlands and which has been successful at the international level.

Daniela Roa is perfect. She is not an “announcer”. She is involved, as a character, in the story week in and week out. She is an actress who plays a role flawlessly. The production also created the right environment for the show. The location and lighting are faultless,” he began by mentioning the previous presenter.

“What does the program lack to have an excellent audience? The easiest thing to say is that it lacks an audience. But that would be a statement from La Palice. It must be remembered that the average Portuguese spectator does not like to think too much. Television for many years used to not have to think. The narrative is linear, simple, and chews like gum. Talks during the day and serials at night. The limit is the question and answer contests, because you don’t need to think, it’s just memory, you know or you don’t knowI continued.

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“Os Traidores” asks viewers for more. Listen carefully, interpret what you hear, know how to read looks, twitches, and expressions, and bet on the name that will be “killed.” That is, to be a psychologist and observer. Wait seven days to see if I got it right? The average Portuguese, for the most part, isn’t quite up to it. It is preferable to eat the dish already ready. Then there is no dispute or discussion. Everything is very “soft”. This is the secret of the “Big Brother” conflict. More time together in the room? Or on the table? What are the reasons for choosing the traitors player to kill? What are the arguments of traitors? But now… everything has been recorded,” Carlos Cruz completed, leaving the message to Daniel Oliveira, SIC Program Manager.