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Marcantonio Del Carlo apologizes after union complaint – News

Marcantonio Del Carlo apologizes after union complaint – News

Marcantonio Del Carlo issued a statement late in the afternoon on Friday, December 8, apologizing and saying he had been misinterpreted. At issue is the fact that he was condemned by the Union of Registrations and Notaries (STRN) after he made statements on the SIC program “Júlia” about an alleged corruption scheme in Portalegre linked to the attribution of citizenship.

“My conversation with Julia Pinheiro in the SIC program only expressed my regret for not being able to be Portuguese, due to the impossibility of circumventing the legal obstacle of presenting a criminal record certificate from the country where I was born (Zimbabwe), the place where I left after only six months.”The actor's statement begins.

In the same message, published on Instagram, the actor explains that he does not want to accuse Portalegre's STRN of any bad practice, but rather warns against the fact that someone tried, perhaps for money, to convince the actor to use illegal means to be able to obtain citizenship.

“What I meant was to draw attention to the fact that, in parallel with this legal process, I was contacted by people outside those agencies, who intended to act as intermediaries (possibly through illegal actions and in exchange for money) and who promised to obtain my citizenship, trying to deceive me.” Registers and notary in Portalegre, which I strongly refused.”He continued, apologizing to STRN professionals for the violation, also explaining why he did not inform the person to whom he made the offer.

“(…) I did not report this, as the calls were always from unknown numbers.”He said.

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See the full statement below.