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Nuno Eiro's farewell message, now that he has lost TVI – Nacional

Nuno Eiro's farewell message, now that he has lost TVI – Nacional

José Eduardo Moniz ended TVI's Esta Manhão program and decided to revamp the morning schedule. Thus, Nuno Eiró and Iva Domingues were no longer part of the group of broadcasters who appeared on the channel immediately.

This Friday was the final farewell to the format: “It is not worth moving forward without looking back one last time… and seeing how exceptional these past three years have been and being grateful for them! Of professional achievement, of joys, of challenges, “of laughter, hugs and complicity in the good moments And not good,” says Nuno Iro, in a message on social media.

He added: “Thank you to the amazing production team who did their best to make every day the best it had to offer.” He was also keen to talk about Sara Souza Pinto: “A professional from whom I learned what I did not know, a friend and a psychologist in the less happy times she went through. Thank you for your cold but always present love!” Nuno Eiro should now return to “Somos Portugal”, TVI's Sunday program which José Eduardo Muniz also wants to renew. But this change did not please the broadcaster… who lost space on the channel.

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