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The ball - Celtic is already negotiating with Jota (Benfica)

The ball – Celtic is already negotiating with Jota (Benfica)

Glasgow’s Celtic have signed Benfica for a buyout option to pass Jota, the 23-year-old striker who was loaned by the Eagles earlier this season, and as BOLA knows, the Scots have already made a decision on the matter: they will already go in front of This option, which would involve paying 7.5 million euros to Benfica, for just 70 percent of the young striker’s pass.

Celtic are virtually certain of winning the tournament, and yesterday, after UEFA confirmed the Russian teams were to be ruled out, it was equally certain that the Scottish champions would take part directly in the next Champions League group stage.

A fact that helped Glasgow FC invest in a Benfica player. Celtic have already set their intentions to sign for Benfica and have already begun contract negotiations with the player.

If SAD materializes for a long time, the terms of a possible deal have been agreed, and now it remains to convince Juta to stay in Scotland.

Although some opinions are still shared in Scottish football, Jota is having a very good season (see related news). He has 12 goals and 12 assists, in 37 games he has played, and has been a key player in a tournament that Celtic are close to overcoming.

Jota contract with Benfica until summer 2024.

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