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Xbox Game Pass: Aragami 2, SkateBird, Lemnis Gate and the new September games

Xbox Game Pass: Aragami 2, SkateBird, Lemnis Gate and the new September games

As usual, halfway through each month, Microsoft releases the official list of games that will enter Game Pass for PC and consoles. In September, we have a very diverse collection of highlights, perfect for players selective.

distance Publishing Officially on the Xbox website, check out the games that appear there. Details: Cloud versions that will not be released in Brazil are excluded from this list.

Flynn: Son of Crimson (Console e PC) – 15 de setembro

Available at launch with Xbox Game Pass, Flynn: Crimson’s son It is a handcrafted 2D platformer and action game that will take players on a journey of discovery and struggle. Join Flynn and his legendary companion Dex to rescue Rosantica from The Scourge. Discover and harness the power of the Crimson Energy to stop the evil Zealock!

I Am Fish (Console and PC) – Sep 16

Available at launch with Xbox Game Pass, I am a fish is an enchanting physics-based adventure starring four daring fish friends who are forced to live in a pet store aquarium far from their homes. Swim, fly, roll and chew your way to the open ocean trying to find freedom and be reunited again.

SkateBird (console and PC) – September 16

Available at launch with Xbox Game Pass. You are a lonely little skateboarder and your great friend has given up skating for good. Their work sucks and lately they are no longer home to play with you. You’ll fix it all – with the power of skateboarding! Above all, skateboarders do their best.

Superliminal (console and PC) – September 16

Perception is real. in this mind puzzle From a first person perspective, you will escape from your dream as you tackle impossible puzzles based on perspective and optical illusions. Think outside the box and expect the unexpected.

Aragami 2 (console and PC) – September 17

Available at launch with Xbox Game Pass. The Aragami clan emerges as a clan to defend itself, using the shadows to serve their cause. Aragami 2 It takes the franchise to new levels of stealth and skill-based combat in an immersive story – which can be viewed alone or with friends in the form of a co-op action adventure. stealthily.

Missing Words: Beyond the Page (Console e PC) – 23 de setembro

Winner of more than a dozen awards, missing words It is an atmospheric narrative adventure that takes place in the pages of the personal diary of a young woman named Izzy. Scroll through the pages and explore the land of Esttoria, the place where words have tremendous power.

Sable (console and PC) – September 23

Available at launch with Xbox Game Pass. Embark on an unforgettable journey and guide sable on your free flight; A rite of passage that will take you through picturesque deserts and ancient wonders. Explore a rich world in one HooverSolve puzzles, climb great heights and get to know the locals. Find out who the sable is under the mask.

Subnautica: Below Zero (console and PC) – September 23

Immerse yourself in a frigid underwater adventure on an exotic planet. Set two years after the original Subnautica, return to Planet 4546B to discover the truth behind a deadly cover-up. Survive by building habitats, crafting tools and diving deeper into this captivating universe.

The contaminated cup: Conquest (PC) – 23 de setembro

Explore ever-changing maps, battle deadly enemies and discover what happened to the cursed island of Avalon in this unique hybrid between roguelike Deck building and RPG game. The Contaminated Cup: Conquest Focuses on the story and endless replayability. Create your own combinations of hundreds of cards and learn to survive in a dark and ruthless world, surrounded by a mysterious deadly force known as wyrdness.

Lemnis Portal (Console & PC) – September 28

Available at launch with Xbox Game Pass. Utilize the skills of powerful operators in stunning 4D battles while changing the past to change the future. Limens Gate It frees you from time constraints to provide an experience multiplayer Relentlessly innovative and deeply rooted in tactical FPS gameplay. Explore the endless intricacies of time travel and work your way to victory.

Astria Ascending (console and PC) – September 30

Available at launch with Xbox Game Pass. Explore a vast world on the brink of chaos in a mature and emotional JRPG rendered with gorgeous hand-drawn 4K visuals. Customize your characters through extensive customization and take the eight Orcanon demigods into battle in rewarding turn-based combat to protect harmony.

Change Sight (console and PC) – September 30

Available at launch with Xbox Game Pass. Few androids in the world run out of anima, the energy that gives consciousness to all robots. It’s up to you, Alma, to save your friends and stop them from becoming minor. Explore the vast ruins of Arcadia using all the tools you can find. The clock is ticking. They need you.

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