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Johnson & Johnson launch distributions in EU: “Accelerate vaccination rate drastically”

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“Accelerate the vaccination rate drastically”
Johnson & Johnson begins distribution in the EU

One dose of vaccine is enough for complete protection: The J&J vaccine is considered a great hope in the EU. Now the manufacturer is starting distribution – by the end of June Germany should have received ten million cans. With them, the pace of the vaccine campaign should increase significantly.

Johnson & Johnson, an American pharmaceutical company, has begun supplying its Govt-19 vaccine to the European Union. “Johnson & Johnson is starting to give vaccines to the EU today. Very good news,” Peter Lease, health policy spokesman for the Conservative EPP group in the European Parliament, wrote on Twitter.

A European Commission spokesman said the first vaccine had been sent to member states. The group has promised to deliver 55 million cans to the EU by the end of June. “It’s not clear recently whether this promise will be fulfilled, but 50 million doses are certain, compared to ten million vaccine doses for Germany,” Lee explained. “You only need one vaccine to achieve adequate protection, so the vaccine will accelerate in Germany and the European Union.”

The J&J spokesperson confirmed that the company has started distributions to the international community and to Norway and Iceland. A total of 200 million cans will go to the EU this year. The drug received conditional marketing approval in the EU in March, and unlike other approved Covit 19 vaccines, one vaccine is sufficient.

Investigates EMA thrombosis cases after vaccination with J&J

The Belgian Vaccine Task Force confirmed to Belga News Agency on Monday that 36,000 vaccines were expected from Johnson & Johnson in Belgium. The vaccine, developed by Johnson in the Netherlands, a subsidiary of the company, is the fourth to be approved in the European Union. This vaccine has been used for a long time in the United States.

Last week the EU pharmaceutical company EMA announced that it was investigating thrombosis cases after the corona vaccine with the active ingredient Johnson & Johnson. Four severe blood clots occurred after the vaccination, and one died. The EMA insisted that an association with the US manufacturer’s vaccine had not yet been established.

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