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New video shows British Tories dancing during ‘Partygate’

New video shows British Tories dancing during ‘Partygate’

FULL PARTY: Conservative Party politicians can be seen in video dancing at a party in December 2020.

For the first time, a video of one of the controversial “Partygate” parties has been released in Great Britain.


As the rest of the UK lived under strict coronavirus restrictions in 2020 and 2021, a number of senior officials Conservative politiciansConservative politiciansRight-wing Conservative Party politicians in Great Britain He attended what were allegedly several illegal parties.

The scandal was dubbed “Partigate” in the British press.

In the past, only pictures of parties were published in the media, but now the British newspaper published it woman Posted a video from a party that purportedly occurred on December 14, 2020.

The video shows dozens of people gathered in what is supposed to be the Tory office. Party-goers can be seen standing close together in a room drinking, among other things, beer and wine.

It is said that then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson was not present at this party.

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A couple, identified as campaign consultants Malin Pogue and Jack Smith, are rocking the popular Christmas carol “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl.

In the video, the somewhat unstable couple can be seen flirting as they knock over wine glasses and spill food on a table. The stage took place in front of several signs telling people to stay away.

ON THE ROAD: Boris Johnson is in the backseat of a car on his way to a hearing in London earlier this year, where he had to answer himself after his Gate Party gigs.

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Many party-goers are aware that the dance is being filmed, and seem worried about whether the video will end up in the wrong hands.

“Are you filming this?” asks a man in the middle of the video.

You can also hear another saying “As long as you don’t flow, we, as it were, bend the rules.”

The United Kingdom was living under some of the strictest restrictions in December 2020.

In London, it was forbidden for two or more people from different families to meet indoors, and Queen Elizabeth celebrated Christmas 2020 alone with her husband, Prince Philip, at Windsor Castle.

The Metropolitan Police investigated the parties in December 2020, but closed the investigation without issuing fines or other responses due to insufficient evidence.

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The Mirror writes that police in Great Britain are now under pressure to look at the case again.

Terrible: Housing Secretary Michael Gove (Conservative) is not as generous in his judgment of the video.

Feedback does not take long

Current Housing Minister Michael Gove commented on the video and admitted it was “appalling” and “unacceptable”.

– he said on Sky’s Sophy Ridge show on Sunday – I want to apologize to anyone who looks at this and thinks these people are breaking the rules that are designed to protect us all.

Deputy Leader of the UK Labor Party Angela Rayner stated that the video showed the Conservatives had openly ridiculed the rules that British people follow.

– She said they think their rules apply to themselves, and different rules to everyone else.