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Was the penalty awarded to Matthews Reis correctly reversed?  Sporting Farense Cases – Arbitration

Was the penalty awarded to Matthews Reis correctly reversed? Sporting Farense Cases – Arbitration

Records expert Marco Ferreira analyzes Gustavo Correa’s refereeing

• Photo: Pedro Ferreira

Referee: Gustavo Correa (Row 3)

He rushed into a clear simulation and took advantage of VAR to reverse the penalty. He made a good decision in Trincao. Extensive technical standards give the game fluidity, but it makes some mistakes. Good support

Case after case

Minute 12

A throw from the Farense area as Matthews Reis falls without any violation from Goncalo Silva. The referee signals a penalty kick and reverses the decision after VAR intervenes. Indirect free kick and yellow card correction by simulation

Minute 24

Geukeris appears in the area and scores from the correct position. The striker was behind the opposition’s defensive line at the time of Trincao’s pass. good decision

Minute 26

A throw in the Farense area, with Trincao pushed from behind by Falcao, recklessly, without the possibility of playing the ball. A clearly defined penalty kick

Minute 33

Trincao goes low to Marco Matias without any possibility of playing the ball, causing a tactical foul. A clearly marked direct free kick and a yellow to display

Minute 50

A throw in the Farense area, with Delgado and Nuno Santos moving toward the ball and colliding, unintentionally, without any type of violation. good decision

Minute 53

Marco Matias tries to pass Gonzalo Inacio when he is low, still outside the box, and recklessly blocks a promising attack. The free kick will be indicated and shown in yellow

Minute 57

Nuno Santos appears isolated, starts from the right position, and begins the play that culminates in scoring a goal. The attacker was behind the defensive line at the time of the pass. Well verified goal

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Minute 63

Gyokeres looks isolated and scores from the right position. The Sporting striker starts behind the defensive line when passing to a teammate. good decision

Minute 79

Edwards tries to pass his opponent when he is caught, slowing him down. The referee ordered the match to continue but the free kick remained untaken

Referee: Gustavo Correa (Row 3)

Written by Marco Ferreira


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