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New contestants in the Big Brother house.  Find out who entered the game – Big Brother

New contestants in the Big Brother house. Find out who entered the game – Big Brother

The Big Brother house welcomed new competitors. Find out who promises to change the game the most

The Big Brother house has new residents. In the special interview with Claudio Ramos, on Tuesday, the 16th, we found out who the new competitors are. The faces are already known to the audience.

Big Brother Escole's Gil Teotonio, Bárbara Gomez and Inés Moraes promise to shake up the game even further.

Ines Moraes

Ines Moraes is a 24-year-old student. Born in Viseu, Ines has a degree in sociology and a master's degree in international relations. She completed her master's degree in Barcelona and interned at a large consulting firm… but she admits that office life doesn't captivate her.

She has been dating a boy from Kaminya for two years and guarantees that she has never been happier. With three older sisters, he says he experienced a “reality show” as his parents and extended family separated.

He says he doesn't like excessive political correctness and is concerned about the modesty and censorship that currently exists. Make sure you're not afraid to speak your mind!

Watch the new tenant's first contact with her new roommates:

Teotonio generation

Gil Teotonio is 22 years old and comes from Javanha da Nazaré. A young generation concerned about its image, dreamy and stubborn! He studied communication sciences in Porto, but he did not like the course and decided to change it, and later studied marketing.

A few years ago, he released some of his videos on Tik Tok which went viral and motivated him to pursue his dream of becoming a model. He says he has great “emotional intelligence” and is more accustomed to “bothering others” than allowing himself to be bothered.

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She is currently living in Barcelona with her boyfriend and is back in Portugal to mess with the Big Brother house!

The challenger got into a fight with Joao Oliveira. Now look:

Barbara Gomez

Barbara Gomez is 24 years old, a flight attendant and comes from Cascais. Barbara is from São Domingos de Rana and at the age of 12 immigrated to Canada with her mother and siblings. He did not adapt abroad and ended up returning to Portugal.

She currently lives alone. She was a flight attendant and lived in Saudi Arabia for six months. She says she likes to be provocative and they call her “excessive”, but she stresses that she gives in to everything 100%.

She admits that, to break the ice, she pretends to be “silly” and that she often gets angry over silly things. The last serious relationship was six months ago and he was the one who ended it. She is now single and does not allow any man to raise her voice – it may seem ridiculous, but she confirms that she is “almost always” right.

Full of energy and lightness, Barbara Gomez introduces herself to her colleagues: